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It's all about the RIDES, but we also do other awesome activities throughout the year. Monthly meetings, dealer events, parties, movies, dinner, bowling,  Oh and did I fail to mention a Wildfire Exclusive, "Fire Pit Celebrations" 


Photo History

Did you miss an event and want to experience the excitement? Feeling nostalgic?  We have decades of FUN captured in Photos? Come see what you're missing....literally.  Recognize anyone?

Hawg Jives

All year long Butch and his staff work tirelessly to assemble what can only be described as a masterpiece of media... An incredible assemblance of information... You have to be a Member to get it so, sign up and stay informed!

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I know, you can't wait to join us and hang out with the cool people. Do you own a Harley-Davidson? If not, just buy a new or used bike at Wild Fire Harley-Davidson®, and they will pay your membership dues for the first year!
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Get the latest updates from the Wild Fire Chapter of H.O.G. Want to be a Wild Fire Chapter writer? Let us know!
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Join The 2024 Illinois Challenge

HOG 1084 members! This year, we are holding a 2024 Illinois Challenge. Get your copy of the "bingo card" and ride to each location in our state.  Take a picture including: Yourself Your motorcycle Your bingo card and email it to Kristi Becker at [email protected]. After review, she will credit your stop to your card!

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Ride 365

This year, we are participating in RIDE 365! We collect miles not only as individuals, but as a Chapter.  The more of our members that register for Ride 365, the more miles we can record!  There are great incentives for all.  Please take a few minutes to drop by Wild Fire Harley-Davidson® with your VIN and Odometer reading to make sure you are registered.  This is different from the regular Mileage Program, so even if you are already registered for the Mileage Program, you still need to register for Ride 365.

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The Wild Fire Chapter #1084 Primary Officers For 2024

Rick Criel

Director, Road Captain

Kris Stolpa

Assistant Director, Road Captain

JoAnne Nudelman

Treasurer, Road Captain

Steve Cap